Devine Consultant Services

Structuring Lives and Organizations for Success


People frequently ask us why Devine Consulting Services (DCS) is so successful and unique compared to other corporate consulting and “training” companies. The success stems from core principals and disciplines defined by DCS founder, Ronald Devine. With over 21 years of international experience, Mr. Devine created systems and strategies that transform average companies into powerful corporations. DCS training programs are an effective balance of structure, skill reinforcement and innovative coaching that instills expertise and enrichment.    

Through years of expansion and continual improvement, DCS has become a world-renowned corporate consultant and motivational speaking company. Our philosophy is twofold; absolute success and lifelong fulfillment is one genuine decision away and, you build better companies by building better people! 

Here at DCS, we analyze companies in their entirety and enhance every segment of organizations through implementation of best practices. The outcome causes all people within companies to transform and function at an “Accurate Performance” level propelling corporations to exceed goals. DCS success starts at the personal level, improving performance by positively affecting the heart of every organization…the people!   DCS Consulting Services enables businesses to realize phenomenal results. 

DCS will enhance your organization’s performance through professional actions: 

  • Assisting you in defining the vision of your corporation
  • Creating a customized plan of action for your corporation and departments within your organization 
  • Setting goals that will motivate and maximize internal productivity 

DCS Systems and Programs are designed to eliminate all obstacles that hinder performance and lower your bottom line. Everything we reveal is specifically designed to improve profitability through employee performance. 

Ronald Devine’s internationally renowned personal and corporate enrichment techniques combined with the DCS personalized structure  is a successful amalgamation that has resulted in Devine Consulting Services working with a diverse client base that includes major corporations, small and mid-sized businesses, schools and non-profit agencies. 

DCS is uniquely positioned to work together with organizations and evaluate needs, determine strengths, and design programs that supply each client’s individual goals. Our methodology works collectively to maintain brand equality and sustain the principles and vision each organization embraces. With custom-made programs, DCS has a performance enrichment solution for virtually every requirement! 

DCS Vision, Mission, and Values Statement 

  • Vision:      To be the worldwide leader in corporate enrichment Training
  • Mission:  To structure successful living and fulfillment in every area of people's lives
  • Values:   To be the individuals that have set our lives apart with integrity, motivation and honor