Devine Consultant Services

Structuring Lives and Organizations for Success


“Perspective", is the gift a performance consultant provides to corporations and executives. Often clients think they know what must be altered or decided to improve a situation. What they believe is that by introducing the correct tool a better outcome can be achieved.  

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of performance improvement, Ron Devine has ascertained that, more often than not, this is not the case. Typically, the environment that has created the situation does not easily identify the situation's solution. The underlying principle has less to do with intelligence or capability than it has to do with lack of perspective. 

Over the years, many knowledgeable, well-intentioned corporate leaders have presented us a plan of action to implement. The strategy generally created prior to our arrival, essentially called for procedures or programs to support the strategy. What we found, in many occasions, is that we are uniquely positioned as a liaison to "see" what company leaders may not. As we moved to a working partnership with many of these companies, we ascertained we could provide invaluable guidance and advance company programs in a more deliberate manner. We also could eliminate programs that did not address the underlying challenges experienced. 

In response to our clients' needs we formed Devine Consultant Services. Our consultants work in collaboration with your company leaders to conduct on-site evaluations. We appoint specialized personnel to your locations so that the recommendations prepared for your organization are customized utilizing first-hand knowledge. This provides Devine Consultant Services professionals the opportunity to analysis targeted behaviors prior to recommending and creating the strategy to address them. After the initial discovery period, we can suggest and make specific adjustments to your company's programs and service offering to attain your company's desired results. 


  • Evaluation of training resourcefulness currently being offered by your organization 
  • Recommendations for existing training initiatives 
  • Extensive on-site monitoring to examine procedures in place and make recommendations where appropriate 
  • Designation of an on-site consultant to assist with the monitoring and the data gathering stage, if necessary 
  • Measurement through pre-evaluation of skills and expertise to showcase the gaps that exist 
  • Customized curriculum to address performance gaps and tailor content to reduce those gaps 
  • Assignment of an internal performance consultant to debrief any quantitative measurements that the pre-assessment and post-assessment may reveal 
  • Access to a faculty of experts in arenas outside the scope of the project at hand to assist in any cross-functional requirements that come up during the implementation phase 
  • One-on-one coaching for the team leads and project heads to manage the accountability requirement and ensure it is handled by effective and talented people 

Devine Consultant Services is devoted to coaching companies how to lead with performance. For more information about how to put Devine Consultant Services to work for your organization, call or email us today.