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Ronald Devine


Ron Devine has risen to international prominence by delivering a powerful message which instructs people how to free them-selves from mediocrity and live up to the exceptional greatness that resides in each and every person.   

It is a conviction Ron Devine has learned from his personal life and one he is helping others apply to their lives. 

Born in Brighton, Massachusetts, Ron was born into a poor family, he was the forth of four children however two of the children died before they where born.   His father abandoned the family when Ron was only two years old.   Ron’s mother had very little education and financial means, but a very big heart. 

As a child his inattentiveness to school work, his nonstop energy and the failure of his teachers to comprehend his real potential resulted in him being mislabeled as a slow learner. The label and the shame stayed with Ron, ruining his sense of worth to such a degree that it took to the age of thirty years of age to overcome. 

At the age of fifteen Ron got his first job in sales and very quickly developed a passion and skill set that has assisted him in becoming a world class leader in the success of many people and companies world wide. Ron has spent over 20 years in the Sales and Customer Service industry. His various roles have provided him the opportunity to speak and train before diverse groups worldwide. 

Ron has had no official education beyond high school, but with perseverance and determination he has set out and continues a process of unending self- learning which has exemplified him as an authority on structuring lives and organizations for success. 

Ron Devine is living proof that the success principals he lives by works. People relate with him. He is human enough to reveal his setbacks and shattered dreams, while also showing that tenacity and a cheerful spirit allows you to flourish and succeed.