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Set your next conference or sales meeting alight with sales motivational speaker Ron Devine!!!

Does your office sometimes lack the sales energy and drive that you would like? Do you have salespeople within your teams that you know can achieve more, but rarely do? Do you see your staff losing confidence, motivation and focus under the pressure of day-to-day challenges?  

"Would you like to make more client contacts, forge stronger business relationships, develop stronger needs, negotiate higher revenues and close more sales?"  

If the answer to any of the above questions is "Yes" then you need to book Sales Success for your next conference. Ron Devine's powerful keynote speech will help your sales staff to take responsibility for their own success and will propel them to take massive action every day. Sales results are often not dictated by the skills that individuals have but by their attitudes. Sales Success will challenge and inspire your teams whilst empowering them with strategies, tools and specific techniques to drive sales above target! 

"Sales Success" keynote speech addresses the core attitudes and skills necessary to succeed in today's business environment in, an inspiring and empowering way. Sales energy and business growth are the intention of this program and that’s exactly what it delivers. 

Perfect for sales meetings, conferences, annual events and sales kick offs… if you want your teams to be buzzing long after the event then you need to book Sales Success now. 

Who is Sales Success for: 

  • Sales staff seeking more confidence, energy and direction 
  • Sales managers focused on building stronger, more proactive sales teams 
  • Sales directors demanding maximum sales performance in competitive environments 
  • Individuals seeking to harness the latent sales engine within all of us 

What will Sales Success do: 

  • Turn fear into confidence, doubt into action and procrastination into commitment 
  • Create more sales passion, fun and productivity within your business 
  • Empower your sales teams to canvass more, sell more confidently, close more decisively and win more business 
  • Engender team spirit and a "can-do" attitude