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In today’s organizations, Sales and Customer Service have become the backbone in almost every organization around the world. From, help desk and customer support, mission-critical information and sales and upgrades represent a significant opportunity for change and growth. Sales and Customer Service also presents a significant challenge, especially when it comes to finding the qualified professionals to reach your objectives.



Ensure the success of your Sales and Customer Service Departments.


Devine Consultant Services is dedicated to helping you resolve those challenges and leverage your organization to manage change and capture opportunities. With in-depth experience across multiple disciplines and an impressive tenure in recruitment, our talent experts will locate, identify and deliver precisely the professionals you need to successfully develop, launch, manage and test your sales and customer service projects.



Beyond simply searching key words and job titles, our talent experts: 


• Augment Your Sales and Customer Service Workforce

We’ll identify and locate those hard-to-find sales and customer service professionals with specialized skill sets and specific knowledge of your industry to fill any gaps in your current workforce. From the Presidential-level executives to entry level help desk, our candidates cross a spectrum of expertise and competencies.


• Adapt to Your Needs

Our Sales and Customer Service talent experts search diligently to find professionals who conform to the needs of your organization, so you don’t have to compromise with a candidate who doesn’t quite meet your requirements.


• Pinpoint Your Requirements

Our recruiters take the time to understand and precisely define the competencies you require, pinpointing your needs down to the phase of the assignment. This ensures our candidates will support your assignment’s success more effectively.


• Conserve Your Resources

By carefully identifying a selection of top-qualified professionals who meet your exact requirements, our recruiters save you countless hours wading through hundreds of under-qualified resumes and interviewing dozens of candidates.


• Respond Quickly And Efficiently

We have the resources, talent pool and expertise to identify and present the professionals you need, right when you need them.


Map The Best Professionals

Our Human Capital Charting process employs the industry’s most thorough and accurate methodology for defining your requirements, qualifying and profiling professionals who meet them, and quickly ramping up candidates for faster time-to productivity. This comprehensive process has resulted in one of the industry’s highest interview-to-hire (I2H) ratios.


Complement Your Culture

More than qualifying technical competencies, we qualify the candidate’s character and values to ensure the best match with your company’s culture and project team. This further ensures the success of your organization.


Share Knowledge

We are committed to ensuring the continued success of your organization once the candidate’s role is complete. The professionals we deliver share their expertise, provide thorough documentation, and leave your staff with more knowledge than before.


Maintain Communication

Our recruiting team maintains ongoing contact with the professionals we deliver, as well as the companies we serve, to ensure that our candidates remain aligned with the organization’s objectives.


Reflect Honest Rates

The rates we offer represent true industry rates, and not inflated trend rates or an underestimation of the talent required to get the job done right.



Charting the right professional, to the right organization.


Discover why Devine Consultant Services offers one of the industry’s highest submit-to-interview (S2I) and interview-to-hire ratios (I2H), as well as long-lasting relationships with our clients.


• Your HR Extension

Devine Consultant Services serves as an extension of your Human Resources team.

Whether you’re looking to augment your workforce or acquire specialized knowledge, our recruiters will work closely with you to quickly and cost-effectively deliver candidates that support the success of your organization.


• On Time, On Budget

We understand the critical importance of keeping your organization running on time, and within budget. Regardless of the size or scope of your organization, we will find professionals who contribute directly to your success.


• Understanding Your Requirements

Our recruiters offer a long and proven track record in charting our clients’ requirements and culture and uncovering the available talent in the market. We offer in-depth understanding of the disciplines, for which we recruit, as well as our clients’ expertise, processes and products. Leveraging this insight, we expertly select people with the competencies you require to meet your objectives.


• Precision Charting

Our Human Capital Charting model is the industry’s most thorough, comprehensive and accurate profiling and qualification process. Searching well beyond key words and job titles, we find and deliver only those top most-qualified candidates who meet your precise technical requirements, fit well with the organization’s needs, and complement your company’s culture.


• Thorough Screening

Our recruiters thoroughly screen and interview each and every candidate we present. We obtain reliable and relevant references from previous supervisors. We stand behind our professionals and qualify their character, as well as their competencies.


• Cost-Effective Contract-to-Hire

As a result of the quality and accuracy of our Human Capital Charting process, many of our clients have chosen to hire the professionals we deliver following a trial period. Working closely with Devine Consultant Services, we can also help you quickly and cost-effectively transition a contract professional to a regular full-time position.





Your people. Engaged in your success.


Your people power your business performance. Reaching your strategic goals requires identifying, attracting, qualifying, hiring and retaining the right talent while conserving your resources and controlling your costs. Let Devine Consultant Services provide the solution to your talent acquisition challenges. 


Devine Consultant Services Direct Hire Division specializes in cost-effective contingent searches for “A” players to fill your regular full-time positions. With nearly 10 years of professional recruitment experience, our talent experts understand the critical role people play in achieving your business goals. As an extension of your staffing practices, we’ll work closely with your HR team and hiring managers to define your precise requirements and bring you top-grade professionals engaged in furthering your company’s success. 


Efficient and effective. 

Along with industry-leading recruiting experience, Devine Consultant Services Direct Hire Division employs an industry-unique model to maximize the efficiency and success of your hires. We call this model “Encompass” — our proven talent-acquisition process for fulfilling your direct-hire needs with maximum speed, efficiency and effectiveness.


Encompass is designed to save you countless hours and associated costs by streamlining the search for the right professional and accelerating their performance and contribution once they start. This allows you to focus your time and energies on your core competencies, and engage your people more quickly.


Encompass in action. 


• Defining your DNA

We begin by conducting a Discovery Needs Assessment (DNA) to clearly define and understand not just your skill-set requirements, but your strategic business goals and company culture. This allows us to ensure that the candidates we present are aligned with your company’s vision.


• Capturing your requirements

During a high-yield capture meeting with your selection team, our talent experts make sure they understand your critical staffing challenges as well as your key objectives. Together, we’ll review your requirements, and expectations. We conclude this meeting with a precise understanding of the mission of each position, as well as the cultural requirements needed for success.


• Documenting your requirements

Based on the information we’ve gathered, our talent experts develop a Devine Consultant Services Ticket for each position. This assessment tool and candidate scorecard clearly documents your requirements and expectations, as approved by you.


• Presenting the right candidates

We promise not to inundate you with resumes, or waste your valuable time with under-qualified candidates. With an exceptionally high 60% submission-to-interview (S2I) rate, our talent experts present only those professionals who truly fit the Devine Consultant Services Ticket and meet your requirements.


• Filling the Devine Consultant Services Ticket

Measuring each candidate against the Devine Consultant Services Ticket, we identify the most qualified professionals. In conjunction with the Devine Consultant Services Ticket, we incorporate a comprehensive assessment system to qualify competency, character and cultural compatibility. Our unique process enables us to thin-slice the selection of candidates to those who most accurately meet your specific requirements and are best aligned with your business goals. All candidates presented are thoroughly pre-screened, interviewed, reference checked and qualified to your standards.



Our process. Your advantage


Our unique Encompass model has resulted in one of the industry’s highest interview-to-hire (I2H) ratios. More than being qualified, the talent we deliver is well-integrated with your culture and actively engaged in your organization. The outstanding success of our candidates, and our clients’ hires, allows us to offer one of the industry’s strongest replacement guarantees designed to protect your investment and preserve a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.




Devine Consulting Services offers Costa Rica’s, sales and customer service highest submit-to-interview (S2I) and interview-to-hire (I2H) ratios. This success can be directly attributed to Devine Consultant Services unique Human Capital Charting model.


Employing a proprietary and multi-pronged tactics, our Human Capital Charting model  analyzes the company and/or a particular division's requirements, strategy and organizational relationships. We then narrow down a series of core attributes that includes, skill set, culture profile, experience and additional identifiable characteristics to ascertain that the correct hiring profile is developed.   


After the final interviews have taken place and a finalist has been selected by the Client, Devine Consultant Services assists in negotiating and closing the compensation package and employment agreements. After final preparations have been accomplished and a start date has been secured, Devine Consultant Services has completed the search process. Periodic follow up and feedback will continue for the next several months to ensure complete satisfaction for both candidate and client.


   Our Human Capital Charting process allows us to quickly and accurately identify, present and ramp-up those select candidates who match your requirements, as well as your company culture.


Let our Human Capital Charting chart your company’s course to success.

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